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The Kairos EU Summit is an invite-only event that brings together 150 of the brightest entrepreneurs and 50 of the world’s most influential industry leaders. Our goal is to tackle Europe’s most pressing challenges through collective impact. We are committed to solving Europe’s biggest issues in healthcare, education, immigration and climate change by hosting interactive think tank sessions, panel discussions and break-out sessions exclusively for industry leaders and experts.


19 October
Gaudi 3rd World Congress

Los Tilos

20 October
Kairos Summit day 1

Telefonica I+D Tower

21 October
Kairos Summit day 2

Physical activities

The Kairos Society

Kairos is a community and fund that focuses the next generation on problems worth solving. Having collected over 25 MM $ for our venture fund and supporters such as Tim Draper, Bill Clinton and Richard Branson for our community, we are serious about tackling global issues.

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The Program

GWC - Soul

On the first day, you are warmly invited to enrich your soul at the 3rd Gaudi World Congress, hosted by the Gaudi Academia of Knowledge. The knowledge and inspiration of the world’s greatest thinkers and experts is harnessed to contribute to the construction of a better future - the way Gaudi would have done it.

First Day - Mind

By hosting fireside chats and interactive unconference sessions exclusively for industry leaders and experts, we test your mind’s limit during the second, main day.

Second Day - Body

After two full days of intellectual challenges, it is time to energize your bodies. After embarking on a collective hike, you will be able to choose from a variety of unconventional, mind-opening activities that Barcelona has to offer. The three-day-experience is to be wrapped up and finished with a surprising memorable element.


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The first Speakers at Kairos Summit

Matching Bright Minds and Great Partners

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Kairos Entrepreneurs


Industry and Business Leaders


Think Tank Sessions
Our partners

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The K-EU-Summit 2018 Experience

Impact-oriented Summit

Kairos is not your normal conference and aims for true impact. During the event, the world’s most renowned experts will host intimate think-tank sessions to brainstorm solutions, which will later be executed by our partner initiatives.

Kairos Entrepreneurs

Kairos unites the world’s leading young entrepreneurs from Europe and beyond who push industries, institutions and communities forward to collaboratively think of ways to tackle Europe’s greatest challenges.

Interactive Fireside Chats

with the most influential business executives, founders and politicians. Engaging discussions between pre-eminent thought leaders in the healthcare and education space, paired with intentional opportunities for audience engagement.

Think Tank sessions

We host intimate and intense sessions on the topics of Education, Health, Climate Change and Immigration, hosted by renowned speakers.


Kairos does not only know the world’s most savvy entrepreneurs, but also the leading personalities in business and politics. We also know how to bring these two parties together to create an unforgettable networking experience.

Holistic experience

Kairos knows that conferences can be daunting and boring - we aim to transform the traditional conference format into a holistic experience for your soul, mind and body.


Some of the world’s most influential leaders - individuals and corporations alike - are looking for Kairos Fellows for a fresh perspective on how to tackle the next generation of global problems.


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Julia Zhou & Noah Hofmann
Co-MDs of Kairos EU Summit

Email: eusummit@kairossociety.org

Phone: +4915150647490