The Art of innovation

The Kairos Think Tank process is a unique approach to focus bright entrepreneurs on tackling some of Europe’s biggest challenges.

We care about impact

We value action instead of talking, using entrepreneurship to tackle real societal challenges as part of the Kairos EU Summit schedule. Our Think Thank Sessions are designed to tackle the world's greatest challenges smartly and lastingly.

By bringing the right people together and creating an environment that focuses on what matters in a space of deep collaboration, we aim to push Europe forward.


Hand-picked and rigorously selected participants


Experts and speakers to provide expertise and guidance


award winning think tank sessions to maximise impact


executable projects launched last year

People like you love our concept



"The Think Tank I ran at Kairos Europe Summit 2018 was incredibly well planned. I was excited to walk in the room and see such a diverse and international group of experienced thinkers around the table.The Kairos facilitator was excellent, which led us to practical solutions rapidly and a path forward. Hard to believe that we managed to create something with such precision and goals in just one afternoon."

Paul Foulkes Arellano,
Founder Strategic Design Alliance


"As a facilitator, the Think Tanks are a not-to-be-missed opportunity. You are matched with an expert, top of their field, and get to work alongside them and a group of great entrepreneurs to formulate solutions to real world challenges. The experience was fantastic, the team is fantastic, and you may just make connections and friends for life!"

Phoebe Tickell, 
Co-Owner Enspiral


"It's rare you get an opportunity to change European education policy. Through my Think Tank experience we did just that! I'm now seeing the conclusions that came from our workshop be implemented!"

Aaron Jones,
Serial Entrepreneur

Problems that matter.

The world faces disturbingly pressing challenges in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Climate Change and Governance. The Kairos EU Summit works with experts who pick and decipher those challenges for us.


Solutions that work.

To tackle these problems effectively, we bring together the brightest minds who develop the most innovative technologies. AI, Blockchain and IoT bear the potential to solve problems that have been prevailing in society for centuries. In our innovation process we evaluate the problems through the lens of ethics, philosophy and long-term thinking to ensure a holistic solution.

How do we achieve long-term impact?


A novel concept for innovation

We group experts and “ninja” facilitators in a tightly held design process that guides participants from challenge to solution.


Planetary Slingshot Model:
360 degrees, 365 day-support

Our “Slingshot” model supports projects that emerge during Think Tanks beyond the summit in an informal incubation structure.


Support network and framework

Throughout the year, Kairos supports the emerging ventures with its outstanding community of innovators, support network and resources.

Last year’s results and continuing impact

Find the output of the Think Tank sessions from the inaugural Kairos Europe Summit. Download the PDF with reports from each Think Tank below.

Some of these projects were taken on further and developed by committed Kairos entrepreneurs and mentors through the Kairos Planetary Slingshot model. 

Download PDF

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What does it mean to be a facilitator?
Download the facilitator guide from here.

If you want to apply as one of the selected volunteer facilitators and
co-shape an impactful session, apply below.


Do you want to be one of our 250 change-makers?
Are you interested in or already leading an impact-driven venture?

If you want to apply as one of the selected volunteer facilitators and co-shape an impactful session, apply below.


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